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Play Therapy


I specialise and trained in LEGO- based therapy. Play Therapy is a form of Counselling that uses play to help children to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences. It provides an opportunity for children to work through difficult emotions in a safe and non-threatening way, and can help to build resilience, self-esteem and understanding. 

What is LEGO-based therapy?

LEGO-Based Therapy is a social development program that uses LEGO activities to support the development of a wide range of social skills within an individual or group setting that can be available through the NDIS.

What are the benefits of LEGO-Based Therapy?

Playing with LEGO in a therapy setting promotes social interaction, turn-taking skills, sharing, collaborative problem-solving and the learning of concepts. It can be used to target goals around social skills, language and motor skills. By using a commonly adored tool like LEGO it capitalises on its existing motivation and supports self-esteem by allowing the participants to demonstrate their skills in a social situation. It also sets up a positive opportunity for guided social problem-solving to help develop social skills that can then be used in other situations.


Children with autism sometimes find it challenging to understand what is expected of them in a social situation, particularly within unstructured play activities. LEGO-Based Therapy provides a highly structured environment where everyone plays a specific role within the group. This can help children with autism feel calm and relaxed as they are doing something that they enjoy and know precisely what to expect and what is expected of them.

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